Commodity trading

The core competence of our company is the trading of raw materials. We sell raw materials for biofuel production, feed production, oleochemical production, and human consumption.
At Bv-oils, we stand out for our experience in the commercialization of vegetable oils, animal fats, biodiesel, animal fats, used cooking oils, lecithin, and other by-products or residues from vegetable oils.
Investing in raw materials has been the best solution to the potholes that the stock market has experienced in recent years. For this reason, at BV-Oils, we are committed to the commercialization of raw materials.
Among our main business areas, we highlight the trading of raw materials for biofuel and animal feed.
The biofuel is a fuel that comes from a mixture of organic substances, that does not generate pollution and derives from biomass, an organic matter that comes from biological processes and that can be used as an energy source. This type of fuel is used in internal combustion engines.
We sell products such as fatty acids, oils, fats or nobacitin through which, with the appropriate formulations, feed can be obtained for all types of animal species.

raw material trading

raw material trading


We are a biofuels and feedstocks trading company. With extensive experience in vegetable oils since 1894, being pioneers in biodiesel production since 1996, management of oleaginous residues since 1960 and the suitable pre-treatment for their use as an optimal feedstock in the production of biodiesel, HVO and currently also for SAF. We also act as technical and commercial consultants to the wastes, biofuels, animal feed, oleochemical and human food industries.


The core business of our company is the trading of biofuels such as biodiesel, renewable diesel HVO, bio-ethanol and SAF. We also supply sustainable and advanced biofuels feedstocks such as UCO, soapstocks acid oils, POME and animal fats.


We provide commercial agency services, industrial consultancy for biodiesel, HVO and SAF production, and technical advice for the management, collection, recycling, refining and pre-treatment of waste and any other feedstocks to meet the parameters of the most demanding advanced biofuels manufacturers.


We hold the ISCC EU certification- International Sustainability and Carbon Certification as a trader of biofuels and all kind of sustainable and advanced feedstocks.