Trading of Raw Materials for the Production of Biofuels

At BV-Oils, we specialize in providing a wide range of raw materials essential for the production of various biofuels, including biodiesel. As a pivotal player in the renewable energy sector, we are committed to supporting sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions that contribute to a cleaner planet.

The Essence of Biofuels
Biofuels represent a revolutionary approach to energy production. Derived from a blend of organic substances, these fuels are renowned for their low environmental impact and ability to mitigate pollution. Sourced from biomass and organic matter through biological processes, biofuels have become a reliable alternative energy source for internal combustion engines, making them an integral component of the green energy movement.

Our Diverse Raw Materials
We offer a comprehensive selection of raw materials that serve as the building blocks for the creation of biofuels. Some of our prominent offerings include:
– Used cooking oil (UCO)
– Regenerated used cooking oil (UCO)
– Vegetable oleins (acid vegetable oils)
– Vegetable fatty acids
– Refinery pastes
– Animal fats (Cat1, Cat2, Cat3), among others

Global Reach and Impact
While the majority of our materials originate from Spain, BV-Oils extends its reach beyond borders. We proudly offer materials sourced from various regions around the world, including Europe, America, and Asia. This global perspective allows us to contribute to the diversification of sustainable energy sources on a larger scale.

In addition to our robust trading of raw materials, BV-Oils is also actively involved in the production of biofuels. By facilitating the availability of these essential resources, we strive to empower industries and individuals alike to embrace greener energy alternatives.

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We offer high-quality final biofuels such as biodiesel, HVO, bio-ethanol, bio-methanol and SAF, for both road transport vehicles, construction or agricultural machinery, power generation, maritime and air transports. We also supply all kinds of advanced, double-counting, sustainable feedstocks ideal to produce these biofuels. Additionally we provide commercial advice, industrial technical consultancy service for the management and pre-treatment of sustainable waste feedstocks, for the efficient production of biodiesel, HVO and SAF from these wastes, and for the biofuels blending optimisation with fossil fuel.


These are the products

  • Renewable Diesel HVO (EN15940 specification)
  • UCOME Biodiesel (EN14214 specification)
  • FAME advanced and double-counting Biodiesel (EN14214 specification)
  • SAF Sustainable Aviation Fuel (ASTM D7566 specification)
  • Used cooking oil (UCO)
  • Acid Oils from Soapstocks
  • Refinery soapstocks residues
  • POME and refined POME
  • SBEO
  • Animal fats (Cat1, Cat2, Cat3)
  • Cashew nutshell liquid oil (CNSL)

More products

  • Regenerated Used cooking oil (RUCO)
  • Vegetable fatty acids
  • Crude, degummed, refined vegetable oils (Palm, Soya, Rapeseed, Sunflower, etc.)
  • Vegetable Cover Crops Oils (Camelina, Carinata, etc.)
  • Crude Tall Oil
  • Tall Oil Pitch
  • End-life-tyres pyrolysis oil
  • Distillation residues for burning (BHO)
  • Bio-ethanol
  • Bio-methanol